Welcome!We are Galope Studios, a small indie team composed of a duo of passionate developers! Our games are made with eye-catching retro visuals in pixel art, which give life to our fantasy worlds and charming characters!

Our games:

Ravva and the Phantom Library

Our hero Ravva is trapped in the Phantom Library! In this 8-bit platformer adventure, you'll have to escape this haunted place! With the help of 4 unusual companions, you'll venture through magic book worlds filled with dangerous enemies in order to find a way home. Just remember: you're not alone!

Steam Release: July 7, 2023
Consoles release: Soon!

Available now on Steam and Itch.io!

Ravva and the Cyclops Curse

Unleash your summoning powers to defeat the Cyclops Lord! In this 8-bit platform adventure, along with four unusual companions, you must journey through a dangerous land to save your mother from a terrible curse. A challenging adventure awaits!

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Use your sword, shurikens and cat-reflexes to face this action platform adventure! In this 8-bit adventure, you'll have to surpass the Master's Trials and test your skills to the limit. Can you prove yourself as a true ninja?

Status: On hold

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D.I.R. - Death is Random

Death is Random (DIR) is an entry-level post-apocalyptic RPG zombie randomizer with survival elements, auto-battle and replayability. The main objective is to find all needed vehicle parts to escape the city. This is a free small game!

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